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Meredith Jones is owner of Passport Golden Retrievers in Northern Washington State. We have a small farm north of Seattle where I have been breeding on a very small scale for 10 years now. This really more of a hobby but  I am constantly researching sires and dams that will allow our line of Golden Retrievers to become beautiful, healthy retrievers, allowing their families the wonderful traits a Golden Retriever possesses plus the extra value of good health to enjoy life as family members. I have a good working relationship with my veterinarian, and have been known to call him any hour of the day to ensure our dogs remain healthy because they are treasured family members and may also have puppies at times. I also belong to several associations where breeders discuss the various ailments Golden Retrievers can have. While it is impossible to eliminate all of the potential health issues it is important to try and improve the health lines.  As an educator in the public schools I strive to work with people who are looking for Golden Retrievers with integrity. I have sold puppies to people from Anchorage to Denver and even Denmark  and look forward to meeting you.

Passport Golden Retrievers where we know the important connections people have with their dogs!


You may email me at: passportgoldenretrievers@gmail.com or meredithjones1234@hotmail.com. I also can receive text messages at: 206-331-1534.